It's nearly winter. Which makes me think of Christmasy things like Advertising.

When I finally feel like I have to let our mediocre British summer go for another year, I start thinking about how I can cheer myself up through the bleak, shitty months stuck, as I am at present, in a provincial English town. I could hit Weatherspoons along with gangs of other bored underachievers; sit on park benches with homeless people I'm pretty sure used to teach me at primary school; or, as I am choosing to do here, drink myself into a solitary early grave while watching old adverts for alcohol.

Of course, I could always succumb to That Advert (don't pretend you don't know which one I mean ... Holidays are comin', Holidays are comin' ...), but I think this ad campaign was a lot more interesting. And, in my mind, successful. I certainly did throw up a lot in parks in the early Noughties, so the people at Metz were doing something right.

Full ad:

Abridged ad and mini-documentary (minimentary??):

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