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Isn't Google looking lovely today?

In other news, you are now able to run out and buy me in print in a lovely little independent music magazine called DRUNKEN WEREWOLF. Unfortunately, you are only able to actually run out and buy it if you live in Bristol. Soz forever. But all is not lost - as ever, I am only a mouse click away. I've also got an article about David Lynch's new album over on an award-winning (I think) internet music e-zine called GOD IS IN THE TV.

I know what you're thinking - 'Shit! Isn't that a crazy shocking late nineties rock metal song by one Marilyn Manson??!'

Well yes, it is. But it is also the name of this very informative musical (online) publication.

Breeze by, enjoy, stay for the night if you want.

Long before Lady Gaga was marrying the night or whatever, Marilyn Manson was using visual and audio shock tactics and fishnet stockings in order to divisively anger and excite the music loving masses. In tribute to subversion in pop culture and this wonderful zine, here is Manson's promo video for The Fight Song. Apparently American footballers have always been musical. Who'd a thought it.

And who doesn't love a creepy half-naked military-hatted man in lipstick?

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