Fields Free

I’m staring into the sky
It’s pretty damn nice
The air around the town is clear and near
And lost and found
The ground is green and round
Unbound with grass and flowers
Fragile bodies flitter in amid its placid, peaceful, perfumed towers
It is then I see
That I am free
The grass, us bodies, even the trees
You are free
Men are free but we always have been
Broken litigations like life infiltrations
Making us dominant at the stripy seaside and smoggy station
While women have been trod upon
And flattened with top hats
Moustaches that have cracked
As white men fight with insufferable instigation to make you mothers, wives and mottled matrons
Black boys, Chinese boys
Many motions of mankind
Have all been locked in stocks and soggily confined
Redefined and aligned
By stolid sovereignty and nasty words that nearly rhyme
But now I see
That we are free
We’ve fallen into phonetics favoured by the sea
It’s really very great
Remember this; don’t irately agitate
Because you’re free to be who you are
And who you’d like to be
Don’t build up bars that don’t now exist
Resist this cyst
That can grow in rows and rows
Inside your midst
Do the things you want to do
And don’t forget sometimes it’s good to lose
But fervently revive
Or devise your own guise
This; revise
Until you lose the lies
Sigh into the sky,
And your own clear and cloudless truth

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