Sigur Rós - Fjögur píanó

So, everybody's talking about it (apparently. Meaning everybody's blogging about it. Case in point.), so here is Sigur Ros' new promo video for Fjogur Piano. Basically, Shia Labeouf gets naked and crazy shit happens with his stripper girlfriend in a room with butterflies framed all over the walls. If you google Shia Lebeouf right now, the first twenty or so results (excluding the ubiquitous Wikipedia and IMDB) will be articles along the lines of: LABEOUF STRIPS FOR VIDEO, or similar artistically critical reports of the single. Apparently it happened 'organically' over the four day video shoot. I will say nothing of the two blokes who pop in halfway through.

In a strange sort of way it reminds me of a time I performed some poems at a night in East London where the act before me was a woman in white underwear doing a fan dance that climaxed in her having a fake period, ending up covered in blood, and the act after me a transvestite painted green playing Britney Spears songs on a sort of Gameboy who part way through stopped to be sick into a bucket on stage. Deliberately.


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