Anal, Marina and the Paris Review.

A bits and bobs sort of post because I'm super busy right now.
Or we could call it a Quotes Bonanza.
Or we could call it a four day weekend. A four day weekend.
I'm not sure if you're aware of this, but it is an obligatory bank holiday tradition that Super Girl is on at some point. It hasn't yet - but I'm still holding out. While we're waiting you can enjoy these quotes/videos/incredible 80's film still.

'Overall I'd say it was okay - like going through a little door into a big room. I prefer vaginas.'

- The narrator of Matt Sumell's short story Toast in the 200th edition of The Paris Review on first time anal sex with his girlfriend.

Life is, 'Tragic in Structure; comic in texture.'

- John Lanchester, discussing his recent novel Capital on BBC 4's Open Book with sexily huskily spoken Mariella Frostrup. I like that one very much.

'The imagination is in love with the feel of fact.'

- John Bailey, on verisimilitude in literature.

'The soul that sees beauty may sometimes walk alone.'

- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (someone emailed this to me yesterday).

This video, which was sent to me by Robert Van Oz. Check it out:

I'm well feeling Marina and the Diamonds recently. Her new album, Electra Heart is out on 30th April. And here's a couple of highlights:

I'm also getting pretty obsessed with the Drive soundtrack. Fuck - everything to do with that film is great.

The video theme seems to be projections on walls with people in front of them. Curious, no?
Oh well, back to Super Girl then.


Amber Leigh said...

And here's a quote for you.. from.... SUPERGIRL>

Lucy Lane: All you need is a couple of streaks and your ears pierced. I could do it for you, it's easy. You just get a needle, heat it up, dab it with some alcohol, and zap! The guys go crazy!

Remember, guys go CRAZY for pierced ears.

HENRY FRY said...

I need to find that fucking earring.