and if this isn't quite enough for you...

...then pop by my new blog, AESTHETIC BOOK BLOG. In what I am sure will end up being an attempt in vain to keep some kind of order to the stuff I post on here, I have decided to create this sort of syndicated (not synecdoche) little relation blog, one that is concerned only with books and their design. There's a few posts up already, so if you have nothing better to do and love books as much as me then feel free to waste a few moments over there. Now, just because I have this new, younger blog, doesn't mean that I love this blog any less - but if you have to choose one to live with then choose the one you love the most. Even though I love them both equally.

Also, shit, have you seen Rihanna's new video? They totally banned it in 11 countries and Youtube went mental and accused her of plagiarism. I don't get what the big deal is, it's kind of fun and trashy like most music videos, oversexed and ultimately meaningless and ephemeral. It's also veeerryy LaChapelle. Come on, it's not like it's Amanda Palmer doing a song about merkins.

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