Multicoloured, multi-layered, multi-platinum selling pop aesthetic

This post is dedicated to the trend over the last year in pop for music videos based around the idea of the kaleidoscope. Evidently this has recently been superseded by vampires, thanks to Stephanie Meyer and, somewhat incongruously, Timbaland.

First off is Kelis. I had to wack her in, even though her Kaleidoscope was an album title and not a music video. I thought she'd get us in the multicoloured mood regardless.

Next here's Ke$ha, who brings out the kaleidoscope effect when you least expected it. Well, she is an ANIMAL, isn't she? And she wakes up feeling like P Diddy, so there. She can do what she bloody well likes with any After Effects trippy visual concepts and she JUST DOSEN'T CARE WHAT YOU THINK. She doesn't even care what your middle name is. What a fierce pop bitch.

Ke$ha - Your Love is My Drug

Now, crossing the Atlantic, an artist who surely would be ridiculed by Ke$ha had he too grown up in CA instead of in an arty warehouse in East London. This is shameless use of the kaleidoscope at it's finest.

Patrick Wolf - Hard Times

Poor Little Boots was never going to live up to all the media hype about her being the new brand of 'Intelligent Pop'. Her lyrics weren't quite good enough, her crazy outfits were trodden down into the gutter by Gaga's much more attention-grabbing, meaty wedges and Kermit ensembles. Still, here she is having a decent bash at the kaleidoscope trend. Although, it's just a bit boring, isn't it? I WANT YOU TO SHOCK AND APPALL ME, LITTLE BOOTS!

Little Boots - Remedy from David Wilson Creative on Vimeo.

And here we conclude our journey, with one of the forerunners of the kaleidoscope music video movement, Seven Nation Army by the White Strips. They don't need all them flashy colours like the nouveau-kaleidoscope parade. Just the three have been working fine for them for years.

The White Stripes - Seven Nation Army

I'm sure I must have missed out some good ones. Let me know.

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