Just in case this little treat slipped your notice...

Thought Rafael Nadal moved like grease lightening all the time? Well here he is, disproving that by forcing his body to merely wince in awkward, rigid little shuffles. Luckily for him, Shakira more than makes up for that. She is, after all, a she-wolf AND a gypsy.

I have to say my favorite part is the sly harmonica intro against the blue-screen sunset. Or is it a sunrise? I just don't know where I am with Shakira any more! Perhaps because she's already tacked her caravan onto the back of the nearest lorry and is out of here, trail-blazing old tyres and fridges in her hip-jangling wake. Leaving only the faint whiff of latino tennis sweat drifting around her residual small and humble mountains. Perhaps?

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