Two Nostalgia Traps

This is me performing at my last London gig at The
Paradise before I moved away. I'm performing 'The
Deconstructed Gentleman, which you can listen to HERE.

Last month I finished working at a theatre on the Strand and, finding the job situation so dire have moved back in with my parents. The benefits of this are things like lots of cheese and much less money-related stresses. The down side is that I have moved back in with my parents. You're not to know this but my parents are people Kafka might describe as 'Rustics.' They are lovely and bake a mean lemon cake but I cannot help but pine for London every now and again.

To make myself feel better I have posted these images. They are less than two months old but already have become nostalgic to me. I like to look at the drawing especially as it really takes me back to how I felt at that time. Otherwise I would have forgotten the feeling of being poor and without purpose in an expensive city. I think it is important to remember that inevitably we feel sensations of being lost. We don't necessarily have to fear them, but use them to our advantage. I'm using mine to read and write like crazy in.

Some invented guy I drew by the foot
light at the back of the theatre auditorium.

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