Lies in the Labyrinth

Invention and achieved

Given faith
Something you’ve sewn and can believe
Play the piano
Sprint the race
Compose the lines
Speak in voices understood and underway
Convince the day it can be yours
Your filament of thought
Lights a network
Bright and wonderful and brilliant
That soars

Ignore that cynicism
And the unsure cries
True artists, conquerors,
Do not sit and watch
They build their lives
They blink them out
The chards of spite
Cut their vision
Choke in their mouths
Get rid of them and wonder why

Call out the world you want to see
For that is how you become free
As there are many passageways to take
But some are just mistakes
They lead to lies
Or belong to others
And their bitter, darting, desperate eyes
Conquer that dark and the Labyrinth defy

Invent this and achieve
In how you push and shove
Guard these precious truths
And you’ll win
That race
That song
Those words
With passion and with love

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