Almost Famous

If you are unemployed you generally have a great deal of free time. With this time you can choose to use it productively or to waste it. I have chosen to waste mine and have ended up doing a variety of things I am not proud of. The most shaming (which I shall now share with you at an attempt to vindicate my actions) is googling myself. This didn't seem so bad at the time - all I found was an assortment of graves stones and a link back to this page. But it was the progression that then becomes embarrassing. Not content with using merely one internet search engine to fuel my egotism (the results having been disappointing, but not really surprising) I decided to type my name into Youtube and, to my shock and thinly veiled delight found this

An artist called Terry Smith captured me on his videophone in a gallery. I cannot help but hum the Lady Gaga/Beyonce fusion at this point. I knew it was happening at the time, I'm not faining ignorance of that, but it is somewhat alarming to discover yourself in secret video format - even with a title! Ooooow yeah, I have arrived!

As I say, it is what you spend you free time on that really counts.

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