Moments that Matter

I have recently launched a brand new website called I COULDN'T FIND THE WORDS and you are all invited!

It is the home of my most recent project which has taken inspiration from the likes of Post Secret and the more recent 1 Million Lovely Letters by the wonderful Jodi Ann Bickley. But in this instance, instead of people sending in postcards or me sending them letters, I am asking people to describe a moment, just one, pivotal moment in their life that changed everything. I ask them to answer me three questions about that moment and then interpret their answers into a short story, poem or illustration, but trying to stay as true to what they have told me as possible.

The idea is to make something positive, cathartic, amusing or joyous out of events that we found hard to put into words at the time. I love hearing people's stories and this is an opportunity for many stories that might never be heard, come to life.

If you would like to check out the website and have your story told, please do! I would love to hear about your moment and make it into something special.


gamahucher_press said...

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Henry Fry said...

Thanks Gamahucher Press. I will check that out if I ever feel like I need some sensual rhyming couplets.