Goodbye Leopold

Last Friday night I went to an impromptu gig in the upstairs cafe area of Brixton institution and pizza extraordinaire the Ritzy Cinema. Having previously been sat downstairs having a drink, I was alerted by what appeared to be some kind of medieval vagabond mini-marching band, who briefly gave us a trombonular experience before announcing that they were Perhaps Contraption and they were playing upstairs FOR FREE. 

Obviously I followed them, to witness a sandwich set with the avant-guarde filling of Goodbye Leopold. Dressed in the below cyber-Charmed onesies, the female trio performed primarily acoustic pieces in a style somewhere between a choral chant and the Andrews Sisters (or, for all you Generation Y-ers, Christina Aguilera trying to get a place in Grease). 

At one point when it seemed to get a bit samey, they mentioned their next song would be a Christmas carol sung solely vocally – and then sung in reverse, creating an uncanny broken Walkman/elvish captivating sound. Turns out it's not just Missy Elliot who can flip reverse it. Check them out below. 

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