throw back summer sun

Feeling deprived of summer sunshine? (If you were in Britain this summer, you most definitely are.)

Feeling nostalgic for your youthful glory days? (Of course you are. We all are. That's why we're wearing Fresh Prince style shirts again. And why articles on irony like THIS exist.)

Well, no worries mates, because peppy comic book Australian outfit, cutely, nostalgically named Cub Scouts are here to meet your demands. Born and raised in West Philadelphia before moving in with their Aunt Viv and Uncle Phil, fed only bubble gum and claiming to have watched Juno a staggering 6 million times before high school prom 1989, Cub Scouts have been taking denim BMX's off sweet handmade jumps round camp fires ever since.

Earning badges in Retro Costume Renewal and Instagram 2.0 while still in Beavers, Cub Scouts have most recently been working on their debut EP, which is released on Marvel Comics Music later this year.

We've seen this aesthetic in various acts over the last couple of years, and while something does stick in my stomach at the sight of so much 90's cuteness, I can't deny it, this song is very catchy.

A recommendation: Watch this video then watch one or all of the following: Clarissa Explains It All, Sista Sista, Are You Afraid of the Dark, The Breakfast Club, and Moonrise Kingdom, obviously.

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