Stay in the Moment

A possible by-product of the digital age is feeling stretched out across imaginary and real distances because of iPhones/facebook/email/WhatsApp/text/blogging etc. And thus not feeling so in the moment. 

I don't know about you, but I very rarely feel totally 'in the moment.' This self perpetuating distance, for me, takes away from the power of what is happening right now, from what I am experiencing and from what happiness I can derive from it. Of course, this distance can also manifest through worries for the future, worries for the present, all that kind of shit. 

Recently, because I have been thinking a lot about work/fretting about my life plan, I have felt extremely distant. This Ted Talk, (as ever), is helping me see things in a different light [see the poem below]. Immediacy is as important as distance when it comes to our perceptions of our world. We need to spend just as much time taking it in, not thinking about it, enjoying it, as we need to mulling things over in order to make sense of it. This is a lesson I am only gradually learning. 

To quote Matt Killingsworth quoting Aristotle that happiness is:

"The chief good. The end to which all other things aim."

Enjoy this moment in which you watch this video. 

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