There's a man – Marlon Brando. 

I hope all you guys out there are chopping logs, spitting and playing with your crotches because it is International Men's Day, and I want to see you getting all Old Spice on the world. 

Here's some things to consider while you ponder your modern manliness this Monday:

This piece of micro-fiction by the butchest of all writers, Ernest Hemmingway:

"For sale: Baby shoes. Never worn.

I know – dark. (But manly....).

THIS ARTICLE over on The Idealist, to do with men's sexual emancipation – or, eMANcipation. 

And finally, this Ted Talk by The End Of Men author Hanna Rosin. The book has caused polarised debates about our gender's eventual doom and demise in the corporate and social worlds. An interesting if vaguely debatable argument. It does, at the very least, make you question what 'being a man' in today's Western societies really means. How do we qualify our masculinity now? Any comments I am always super happy to hear. 

Have a butch evening, bros. 

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