Alt Lit Authors Et Al Yo.

One site which I despise but often find myself guiltily going back to (other than the obvious ones...) is ALT LIT GOSSIP. Is Alt Lit the only literary movement to have ever had a gossip site??

Sometimes, amid the ironic moustache pics and self referential digi-prose about writers in their mid twenties bumming around New York (literally/figuratively), you can find a few moments of brilliance. 

A FACT: Marie Calloway, a young American writer/web literary celeb made famous through her story Adrien Brody, is publishing a book, which already has an Amazon page. She is on the front cover looking dower/seductive/pissed off. In black and white. Obvie. 

A DEBATABLE FACT: I really like three poems written by 22 year-old Walter Mackey called 3 Poems To Read When You're Alone. Which you can read HERE

Or, you can read the one below, which I especially like.

Type A Personal Message Here

i'm really happy now
so sometimes i will tweet about it a lot
because i know you read my twitter
and it's weird
because i find myself thinking of you
even in the most unlikely of places
like in the cafeteria at school
or the tim horton's washroom
and i guess i feel really lucky
but it's a little bittersweet
because you can't tweet emoticons
so that really sucks
but if you remember
the MSN Messenger keyboard shortcuts
next time you'll know
that (K) means i am kissing you
and ({) means i am hugging you
and (L) means i am loving you
and (K)({)(L) means i am doing all three
but only in my dreams
or in my head when i'm jerking off
at the very least

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