Visual Aspirin

Like many of you, today I woke up hungover. I cannot concentrate for more than five seconds on anything. My mind is all over the place. I am forcing myself to be 'useful' in a sort of laid back 'It's a Sunday!' kind of way. If you feel the same, and fancy something nice to watch/read/listen to, please, do go on.

First up, we have two films made by a friend of mine, Hettie Griffiths (check out her website, it's crammed with goodies). It's a collaboration with director Niamh O'Connor, charting the route of a virus through the body. It's called Cell To Cell. It's beautiful and also quite chilling.

The second is a collaboration between Hettie and a series of artists and post doctoral researchers at Imperial College London, called, aptly, Science and Art - A Long Way Together.

I've now watched both several times. They're both compelling in different ways (check out my mud-brain use of brilliant descriptive words here). Anyway, onto Grimes:

I just can't get enough of this at the moment. Nor can I get enough of Bon Iver's second, self-titled album. Particularly, THIS TRACK. But also this:

(Actually, if you feel as fragile as I do, you might not want to watch this - unless you don't fear drunk tears.)

What's with the Vimeo dominance in this post? Everyone knows Youtube is king.

Now, onto writing. I've been well busy recently doing a number of written bits and bobs. Several of them are over on the Drunken Werewolf Magazine Blog, including a retrospective of No Doubt (because I just can't get enough of Gwen Stefani at the mo), and introducing articles of artists Helvetia and Nuala Honan. Check all these out immediately. If not sooner. Various other things remain lurking in the pipeline/hard drive. Also, I've been reading Person by Sam Pink, and am finding it as amusing as it is depressing. It's certainly interesting and poignant - if fairly nihilistic. I'll keep you up dated. Now, get back to lying on the sofa moaning and mouthing, 'Water??' to whoever is unfortunate enough to wander into the living room.

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