If you live in Brighton, you can wander into any number of shops and pick up a FREE copy of Issue 4 of HOUND Magazine - the Intimacy issue. Or you can READ IT ON LINE IMMEDIATELY

You've got more of these illustrations by New York based illustrator Sara Blake, and an article by me, called 'Don't Tweet So Close To Me.' It's about how we all share either inappropriately intimate details or totally mundane information with strangers and vague acquaintances through social media. And yes, I realise the irony of me telling you (faceless internet readers) this on a personal blog. Also, this website is syndicated to Facebook. 

FYI - It's on page 23.

Hashtag go and read it. 

If you can't get enough of me, I've also been writing a lot over at DRUNKEN WEREWOLF, including a review of Green Man Festival, a review of Alexander Wolfe's new album, an so on, blah blah self promotion blah....

No, I don't have a social life. (A social media life?? Perhaps.)

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