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Anthony and the Johnson's eponymous studio single from first live album Cut The World is accompanied by a haunting video for theatre art piece The Life and Death of Marina Abramovic, starring Marina Abramovic, Willem Dafoe and Anthony. I have only been able to watch it once for a series of obvious and obscure reasons. It's beautiful and crazy. Check how this shit goes down:

In other news, I recently became aware of Muumuu House author Sam Pink, partially from HTMLGIANT but also because of a naked picture of him in the bath accompanying his VICE (urgh) interview. He's published some stuff. It's uber on literary trend right now ('Sam Pink, so hot right now, Sam Pink'). And check out his name - saucilicious! I've recently purchased his most famous novel, Person, based primarily on an Amazon comment that, 'This is Napoleon Dynamite written by Camus.' It could turn out either hideous or brilliant. You can decide for yourself. An extract is below:




My roommate has been walking around in the kitchen for maybe fifteen minutes now, checking cabinets and checking the refrigerator, doing nothing,

I'm lying on the couch listening to the pigeons outside.

I've been pretty worried lately about getting cancer.

Do I already have it.

Did I get it when I accidentally touched my eye after being on the subway today and not washing my hands.

How about when I burned some of my leg hairs with that lighter yesterday,

(I burned my leg hair because I thought it would help me run faster.)

(I haven't tested it yet because it's still too icy outside.)

My roommate starts looking through a plastic bag of oranges on the counter.

"You want to split an orange again," he says. "I need something to do."

He claps at something in the air.

"Fuck," he says, "what's that, is that a spider."

"You mean do I want to split one of my oranges again,' I say.


"So, right now then," I say. "You're asking me if I want half of something that is wholly mine. That's what you are asking."

He walks over, rotating the orange in his hand.

"Yeah, I'm asking that," he says.

"Ok yeah. That sounds good. I need something to do too." "

Read the rest of the extract HERE.

So far I've been enjoying it. My own collection is coming along slowly. Put back by having to do dumb ass life stuff like make money, eat food, shower etc. My favourite title so far is Hand drawn Digital Heart, but I can't work out if actually I hate that title. The more I stare at it typed or written the more the words seem to simultaneously lose and gain meaning. I'll keep staring and hope for an epiphany.

Finally, I've just reviewed an amazing new artist called Alexander Wolfe. He's basically going to be really big and is super great. Check out the lead single for second album Skeletons below. When the album comes out, you must rush to iTunes immediately and buy it.

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