Glockenspiel Summertime Britannia

Let me tell you what I like about this:

Most pop music videos copy the American aesthetic in terms of colouring, cutting, brand ideology and so on. They make you want to be American. They make you want to go to that party and snort glitter with Ke$ha. They make you want to shake your belly like a bowl full of jelly on a CA beach with Nicki Minaj. Or look gangsta in the streets of Brooklyn with Jay Z.

This video is not ground-breaking. Sure. Nor is it ra ra Britannia. No one's dressed like a 60's Cockney geezer with two right feet and a Cheryl Cole vintage equivalent. And no one's dressed in floral prints with a picnic basket. But it does make me think, Yes, Britain's all right really. Maybe I am happy here (I mean, we've got all those medals now, so...). I think cultural affirmations are important in a world being increasingly homogenised by the proliferation of online media (case in point, anonymous pop lit blog). When asked what British culture 'is,' I'm never sure how to answer. Perhaps it's impossible to answer if you actually live here. It's lots of things. And this one, I will happily bop along to in the British summer (rain). Enjoy!

(Apologies for blogging so irregularly - I've been in a wifi-less area of France for a bit. Perhaps that made me long for a bit of 'Britishness'?!)

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