The physical covers of Timea Andorka.

Via the brilliant blog CAUSTIC COVER CRITIC I've just come across the absolutely gorgeous work of Hungarian graphic designer Timea Andorka. She does awesome stuff with the book as an object and here, in the Mérleg könyvek ('Balance Books') Series, she folds, cuts, burns and soaks paper to create wonderful textural covers. It seems like such a simple, obvious yet evocative idea, I'm surprised more of this hasn't been explored before.

There's also a video with music that sounds like it might have been lifted from Tori Amos.

Great news all round.


Crimson Ebolg said...

Wow, the textures are so vibrant! The published word as art is such an interesting and under-played idea. Thanks for following me by the way. And you're right, 'following' does sound down-right sinister. But I'm reciprocating, so that makes it mutual and above-board :)
Your blog makes for a fascinating read - glad to have found it!

HENRY FRY said...

Aw - great news! Thanks Leanne X