Marie Calloway has become the sexual-celebrity-email-themed darling of the changing digital literary age. I mean, check it out, I'm totally blogging about her.

She's still super young and pretty.

She sort of made it big with this story:



i'm marie calloway.

thanks for your XXXXXXXX XXXXXXX blog and other writing. especially your essay on pornography called XXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX. those things have really broadened my mind. (before was strict classical marxist.)

please look at my tumblr if you want."

I sent that email in March. He didn't respond for months so I felt a little embarrassed thinking he must have seen my email and ignored it.

But then I got this response in May:

"thanks for reading!

You can tell I don't check this email account very often, too lazy even to set up a forward - sorry for not responding sooner - I will start following you on tumblr - "

Read the rest HERE.

Then read this breakdown HERE. Also, THIS. And now THIS for a general overview.

Thoughts on this?

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