Ink-etched Reinventions

Without trying to spack myself, I must tell you that I have just discovered these AMAZING book covers. You all know of my weakness for beautifully designed books. And you have probably guessed by this blog's banner that I have a vague, closeted interest in tattoo aestheticism (tattheticism?).

Well, today, while wandering around Waterstones after work, I came across (none a that!) this wonderful new cover for the Penguin addition of Zadie Smith's debut novel White Teeth. Following on from Penguin America's highly successful tattoo-based series last year, the Brits have succumbed to ink from skin to page, these six modern classics given six thoroughly modern covers too.

I have only seen the White Teeth one so far, and i must say, I am really very impressed by the beauty of the execution. Not only does the design continue inside the jacket but also along the spine and across the back in glorious, freehand spirals. It's so pleasing to hold the book when it is so conclusively wrapped in its own design. This first cover is by Brighton based tattoo artist and illustrator Lynn Akura, but I believe each one is by a different artist. Penguin never lets you down - both inside and outside the cover. This is my novel mantra from now on.

Perhaps this can become my choice topic of conversation at parties, to avoid those awkward moments of self revelation? 'So, what do you do?' 'HAVE YOU SEEN THIS BOOK??? IT LOOKS LIKE A FUCKING TATTOO???!! AMAAAAAZZING!!!!'

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