the poo-eye incident.

I'm going through a strange kind of adolescent throw-back, toilet humor sort of phase at the moment. Much like my teenage years, it is causing awkwardness to hover in the air more frequently than I would like. Some people don't appreciate, 'I had this awful - and hilarious! - experience in a porta-loo at a festival last week. D'you wanna hear about it?!' when they're sitting down to breakfast. Or an entire rendition of an early 90'sitcom theme tune during dinner - 'Iiiiiin West Philadelphia, born and raised, on the playground is where I spent most of ma dayzzz...'

But this is all part of growing up.

One man who, I am certain would share my momentary teenage bog-roll fascination, is a poet who I recently saw perform a poem called The Poo-Eye Incident at, would you believe it, a festival with rather ropey toilet facilities. I watched it all, laughing profusely, without realising that it was Chris Redmond AKA Ventriloquist, a performance poet famed on the London slam poetry circuit.

Enjoy this video of him performing his poem. The version I witnessed was, how can I say, 'a cappella' by comparison - if a poem can ever not be a cappella!

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