here are some good things.

If there was ever a film that was so bad, it's good, this film is it:

The guy with the long hair, Tommy Wiseau, wrote, directed, produced and stared in his debut picture - and all with the 'passion of Tennessee Williams.' Apparently it had always been his dream to create a film such as this, funding it all through illegally selling a huge amount of pirate DVDs. Three separate crews quit three separate times - but, I think you'll agree, they're efforts were not in vain! The film, which he later re-branded as a 'black comedy', now has a cult following. And if you watch these clips, it is not hard to see why.

A few scenes from The Room:

This pretty much sets the tone for the entire film (but it only gets better)
Where the hell would we be without irony, ehy??:

'Oh - hi Mark!'

Denny is taking drugs!
(Observe the fervent hair caressing towards the end of the scene)

'... and I'm dying.'

Liza already ordered a pizza. She thinks of everything.

And possibly the most famous, brilliant triumph of the entire picture:

If you're still watching, here's a hilarious interview with Tommy Wiseau himself:

And the UK 'premiere' of the movie at the Prince Charles Cinema, Soho.
(They show it there every month!)

It's so difficult not to upload more.
All I can say is - Amazing.

Now, time to re-watch Death Becomes Her again.

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