five more good things

Ok, so I am TOTALLY going mad for the list format these days. Why write cohesive sentences when you can bullet point your way through life? 1) it's more succinct, and 2) it's easier. I say down with prose and up with abridged, annotated numerals.

1: These drawings I did. (Well, i think they're good. But then, I'm biased).

This lady is an Afghan woman's liberation activist.
Unfortunately her name escapes me.
However, the squiggle of writing in the top left hand corner says:

'As a matter of fact, the world does revolve around me.'
From Coburnicus. It was during my
Sophie's World phase.

2: The Sea, The Sea, By Iris Murdoch.

I am reading it now. It is supreme. I think you would like it.
Here's a quote from an old man recounting his estranged first love:
'My love for you is unaware that I am old and you perhaps are dead.'

3: Seasick Steve at Larmer Tree Festival two nights ago.

Kind of a rubbish recording, but you still get a rough idea how much energy this incredible bloke has.


The internet literature magazine of the future.

5: The excellent combination of documentary and rock music.

The documentary: All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace, by Adam Curtis.
The song: AUA by Stereo Total (it's the rocky one towards the end).


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