The Prague Quadrennial is now over half way through its week of performances and lectures and I still have yet to fully comprehend Czech keyboards. Watch out for the Y, Z confusions that are certain to arise. I promise this is not an artistic comment on modern gender issues.

One of several inspiring talks I have been to was one from this morning, which took place in the national theatre in the centre of the city. A British music producer, sound artist, engineer and general talented jack of all audio trades who calls himself Scanner, real name Robin Rimbaud (loads of great stuff over at his website), spoke about his practice and showed us numerous examples. I spoke to him after wards and he was a genuinely nice, intelligent guy - with a great original name, no? He is one of those incredible people who appears to have worked with everyone and done everything, usually all at once, with no time or need to sleep in between. As have limited time now I will keep this brief and let one of his collaborations speak for itself.

This is a video (which he did the sound to - of course!) of an "Electronic Tattoo" which responds to touch. I know - how scary is the ever-increasing presence of science fiction in real life??

Any way, check (Czech??) it out. Its unbelievable. More in depth updates to follow.

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