there's a fire starting in my heart

You're probably sick of hearing this by now - but isn't the video amazing?? And her voice and the intro and everything just make me shiver all over.

And then of course there is her INCREDIBLE Brit Awards performance. It's so nice to see a female pop singer who isn't either a) in her underwear, or b) so autotuned-out that her limited capacity to sing is cleverly disguised beneath pounding layers of synths. Music industry people are regular people after all, and can appreciate things like genuinely tuneful singing, or (for want of a better word) talent, it would seem.

And I went to see Patrick Wolf last week at Koko. I'll write a less concise more expansive post about that in a bit. For now all you need to know is that he was supported by THIS GUY, who is an awful lot like THIS GUY. Both of whom are supreme!

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