Night Fight stay away tonight
Worries of the future
Past that daily day
Return from night
And bright sun floods the windows
Where there was that dark/bright divide
And flurry up the windowsill
With wind that rustles round the change
And edges of unwanted things
Lost socks without their pair
An actual pear
Half eaten and the shredded fabric from your grandma’s deck chair
There and fair but still beware
Because as night bleeds into day
The terrors might not stay away
But remain inside your chest
Or on top possibly
Thumping at your ribcage like that painting
Oh – I forget which one
Who knows which is best?
At any rest it doesn’t matter
They all blur the paint to dark
To black and inky stain from some Romantic poet’s palm
That bleeds into the day just like the night before
Reminding you of dreams before the digital
Tall, blurred and inescapable dreams
That are now feted, logged and in this very computer stored
Like claptrap, fall back bring all of these emotions back
At the touch of a button
My voice is retrieved
My rhythm here constructed with the simplest, noble ease
And no one frowns
Its normal now the night is day
And everything seems simple
But that terror, endless nightmare, might remain

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