I'm having a Dadaist day. I might take my Bourgeois television apart and reconstruct it as a giant statement dildo.

While I do that, check out this great cover of the book DADA, first published in 1917 by Tristan Tzara in Z├╝rich (this is the first edition's cover). Isn't it great??

And this is the Fluxus Manifesto (the Fluxus movement spawned from the earlier Dada movement), a visual document written in 1963 by George Maciunas. Also great to look at and well fucking subversive and shit.

And another great cover

And now for a typical example of a Dadaist poem. Because a fairly large aspect of the movement was to deconstruct culture as it was, a lot of murals happened, deliberately merging the lines between mediums, such as with this poem, Karawane, written by leading Dada poet Hugo Ball in 1917.

If you want a translation, don't worry about it; even if you can understand German it would still make no sense, it being a selection of random words with no exterior meaning at all. The meaning, you see, is in its meaninglessness. SICK!


Gaga influence, perhaps?

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