you are a strong, confident man...

This poem, like Fiona Apple says about HER LYRICS, is somewhat of a pep talk. To anyone who is scared of taking a risk, or trying something new, or maybe of losing something they hold dear in the process (cheesy but sometimes applicable). Usually, it's worth it. And if it isn't, well, it's not really that bad now. It's inspired by THIS ELIZABETH BISHOP POEM, also a pep talk to its author, and which I in no way discovered in the totally credible chit-flick, rom-com, what-the-hell-is-Cameron-Diaz-on you-can-do-better-Toni-Colette 2005 film In Her Shoes. No way. Not a chance in hell.


Write it
Scribe it
In the skin
Akin to something more than just a line
To play a part or set aside
Define that part that pushes on
That part you fear
Yet need to call upon
To get anywhere that’s any good
Any job of any worth
Any feeling
Tingling sensation
That you need not question
Only give in and
Mumble I should, I should

Hide it
Divide it
Into little bite sized chunks
So you can digest it fuller
More and more and more
As it spits out thick into your veins
Pumping through your arteries
Rotating blood around your brain
To help the logic flow
So that you
That that’s the bit that fits
The undecided undivided
Uncontrollable burst of laughing fit
That’s it:
Write it!

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