i don't want to talk anymore

This is me doing Gaga at Halloween.
Note the effort on the hair-phone. Dedication mate.

Still too gorged on Christmas to think clearly about anything worth while I have opted for a sort-of-video-mood-board-comedy-post-thing instead. In honor of MY FRIEND who went to see Lady Gaga at the O2 Arena and got stranded in London due to That Which I Will NOT Mention Even Though I Am British So I HAVE To Talk About It, this is a little Hall of Gaga Emulation. The video in question is of course Telephone, which, as soon as it was released earlier this year prompted endless, ENDLESS debate and video appraisal, with sardonic copies popping up all over the place, some, in my opinion, better than the original.

So sit back, pick one, and enjoy a New Year of Gaga parodies, each one ringing with the terrifying promise of yet more and more from the kaleidoscopic pop cauldron she is brewing in her ironic, sexed-up castle in the Manhattan mountains.

First, the amazing Filipino parody that prompted this post. The scale almost rivals the original, if not in scope then in dedication. They have loads more HERE, all as unintentionally hilarious.

This one is a genuinely good reworking of the song. Pomplamoose Music are getting quite big ever since the CAR AD.

Bored and perky American teens spoof Gaga and Chatroulette in one foul musical swoop. They also do a mean Alejandro Beatbox HERE.

I cannot prevent my embarrassing love of Glee popping up everywhere:

This one's just like - whatever, I need another green triangle from the box of Roses.

And just in case you forgot what the original looked like:

Fun huh?

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