More On My Most Recent Obsession

If you've been reading this blog for a while you may have noted my increasing obsession with the on-going viral music video saga of Iamamiwhoami. (incidentally they released yet another mystifying video last night.)

The woman in all the videos was quickly identified as Swedish singer Jonna Lee. After a bit of a google rampage, I discovered that as well as being fucking creepy she also has great style.

I listened to some of her music and I don't care so much about that. My only interest in her is the hip-wiggle-inducing, mortality-pondering, slightly-grossing-outing weirdness of her most recent project. So I'm going to ask you to compare and contrast the two videos below. One is my favorite Iamamiwhoami video, T, and the other is Dried Out Eyes by Jonna Lee, which so far is my favorite of her song/video combos. Yes, I know, video killed the radio star. What you gonna do, we live in a digital age.

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