If you're bored at work (or whatever) and wonder where your life is going, you're not the only one

Inward Freedom

What are these days
We spend our lives on?
Working at our desks in vain
Straining for elusive freedom
Aching for some special act
Beyond our wake up
Work, eat, sleep
Compacted solid daytime lives
When in our heads
Our dreams will fly
Right out the window
Past people, streets
And houses that we know
Away to dreams
We lack and show

What’s in this little wondering?
When the bills need to get paid
What’s in this wasting time
Borrowing a narrow moment
Past the tax return and bus ride
We see our speciality
Dive past us for the train
And flitter right away
To somewhere where we cannot go
But secret
The secret that’s left undiscovered
And often caged

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