I don't know if I'm a fan of this yet, but I am very annoyed about the rise of the Right in America

Kinda Cheesy But Well-Meaning Political Poem
(Also called The Palin Poem)

Is just another word for narrow minded
Tea Party
Is just another term for a meeting in a poisoned cup
Up and up
In media coverage
Back up the well trodden, sodden track
Because progress cannot travel round a tea cup rim
It circumnavigates the china and just comes right back
These subtleties they lack
The White House
Or in Number Ten
The problem is the meetings of these mediocre,
Mangled-up and money-tangled men

If Liberal is a mindset
Then our brains all broke the mould
Jelly oozing outward
Steaming Ignorance tenfold
If understanding others is so very Left
Then we’re all like Zoolander
And our country’s still bereft

No We Can’t
Abide the tide that flows backwards
Seeming heavy, solid and without an end
Yes We Can
Decide not to divide
And take a start
To stand again

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