Some of the most enduring lyrics in pop

'Michelle, Kelly, I want y'all get behind me, 'cos I am gonna be the Child with the biggest career and famous rapper husband, 'kay? And, I don't want none a y'all doin' no ballroon dancing competitions on TV, 'kay? Michelle?! I see those hips wiggling! Get back there! I'M A SURVIVOR Y'ALL!'

How can you not love the intelligent poetry of some pop songs? I ask you? When you have Ke$ha rhyming about not getting it in the back of her car, car, car when you be talking that blah blah blah. Or Lady GG constantly repeating the name Alejandro followed by any other roughly Hispanic sounding words, whether they're ripped from Abba or not. (My Fernando, Romerdo, Alejandro, Alejandro....Ale-Ale-Andro-o-o-ohh)

Here has to be my ultimate favorite. Let me just say this by means of explanation: There' nothing like a pun to get your point across.

The lyrics are from Bills Bills Bills by Destiny's Child (the early years), and I think you might already know what they are. Unless there's any doubt, let me refresh your memory:

"Can you pay my bills
Can you pay my telephone bills

Can you pay my
Then maybe we can chill

I don't think you do

So you and me are through"

Need I remind you that poetry comes in all shapes and forms. Almost as many as the endlessly inter-linked designs of Beyonce's mum. This video is a GLORIOUS example of both.

Destiny's Child - Bills Bills Bills
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I also love the 'AND THEN you use my CE-E-E-ELL PPPHHOOONNNEEEE!!'

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