More Viral Video Wonders

I've just become aware of this awesome website called BALCONY TV. The basic concept is that various up-and-coming and established artists are interviewed and/or perform a song, wait for it ... ON A BALCONY!! and is then posted on the site. This, apparently, can happen on any balcony in any city in any part of the world at any time so you better watch out. And if you hear music drifting through the air (preferably in a downward direction, except if you're on a roof or in a skyscraper) then LOOK UP because BALCONY TV ARE ABOUT!

So here are two amazing artists. One of them I have met at the Roundhouse a while back. Her name is Lail Arad, and here she is in Paris, ON A BALCONY!! The other one is Hanne Hukkelberg, who I haven't met but am still in love with (in a viral sort of way - see what I did there?). Both of them are well cute. Enjoy.

And Here's another Hanne Hukkelberg song because I love her so much:

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