Tourists and tickets
Lit up orange buildings
Wooden floors
And other stupid things
That I look out on
Communing in my mind
Slowing down at ten
Watching the curtains
Go up from in front and not just from behind
Seeing the sun go down on Tuesday
Through a double window pane
Not hiding in a bus shelter
To escape the rain

The dog bark
Kettle boil
Pleasant mundane kitchen chatter
Newspaper maybe even perhaps
A place to store my rhymes
Some place to think
Some people who really matter
Maybe even holidays
And other things I scoffed about before
Like car rides through the country
Expensive dinners out and actually going into the gallery
Not just stood at the door
Staring round

Maybe even love -
Something I couldn't buy
And won't deny either
Like these other stupid, silly contemplations
But I won't say no to neither
One day I shall have all these things
And possibly a life to fit them in

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