Stromae РTous Les M̻mes

I still can't get enough of this. 


Moments that Matter

I have recently launched a brand new website called I COULDN'T FIND THE WORDS and you are all invited!

It is the home of my most recent project which has taken inspiration from the likes of Post Secret and the more recent 1 Million Lovely Letters by the wonderful Jodi Ann Bickley. But in this instance, instead of people sending in postcards or me sending them letters, I am asking people to describe a moment, just one, pivotal moment in their life that changed everything. I ask them to answer me three questions about that moment and then interpret their answers into a short story, poem or illustration, but trying to stay as true to what they have told me as possible.

The idea is to make something positive, cathartic, amusing or joyous out of events that we found hard to put into words at the time. I love hearing people's stories and this is an opportunity for many stories that might never be heard, come to life.

If you would like to check out the website and have your story told, please do! I would love to hear about your moment and make it into something special.



London Grammar – Strong

Don't try this at home kids.


Going somewhere local?

Recently I have been working on an exciting new project with some wonderful people who have set up a company called County Roots. It's a clothing brand that wants everyone to be proud of where they come from by celebrating the British counties that raised them. I'm one of the illustrators to create images for their first line of products, which will be available at the end of August 2013. 

FYI, I totes didn't do this image, so cannot take the credit for it, but you can check out more info on their Twitter and Facebook and website, which is coming soon, including the designs I've come up with. Stay tuned as excitement builds for the release of a brilliant new range of locally inspired, sourced and produced pieces for people proud of their roots!


The Luminaries

The Luminaries, the second novel by Eleanor Catton, is out on 5th September, published in the UK by Granta. Heralded by some as the 'future of literature' for her first, postmodern novel, The Rehearsal, this second book centres around a series of mysteries during the New Zealand goldrush of 1866. And here are a couple of its lovely covers.


Kafka in Kolour

I've just 'experienced' an interview with cover designer Peter Mendelsund over at Varsity Bookmarking  and have been reminded of his wonderful colourful, yet economical Kafka series for Knopf. They really do sum up the weird disconnectedness of the books while retaining their level of Coen brothers-style absurdity. I know – so good right? 


Woodkid – Iron

And one more for the road.

Woodkid – I Love You


How Should a Person Be?

Who knows. Maybe Sheila Heti does. Find out HERE.

Indie Chiaroscuro

Not content with Alt-J's dominance in turning classical works of art into extremely enjoyable hipster dubstep choral pop-rock, Myles Manley & the Little People have spliced scenes from Caravaggio paintings together to form a music video for their track Easter Morning. Interesting and relevant, here's something to play in the background while you while you tuck into your hot cross buns.


DrunkenWerewolf Issue 4 out today!

DrunkenWerewolf Issue 4 is out today FREE! It features the next big thing in indie pop Bastille as well as Anais Mitchell & Jefferson Hamer, Gabrielle Aplin, Olo Worms, Glis Glis and a very good, amusing column by yours truly. It is especially amusing this month, if I don't say so myself. All the more reason to pick one up in Bristol for free or download it from the website